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19 hours ago

The Cork District

It’s cold, but sunny. President’s Day and National Drink Wine Day. Go Wine Tasting! See MoreSee Less

Its cold, but sunny.  Presidents Day and National Drink Wine Day.    Go Wine Tasting!


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Allison 🍷🍇

Stephanie Schiefelbein

🍷my wine loves me

Rachel Jarman

Carrie Fitch Kim Andrews Lefler Holly Tormey-Rasmussen Shawna Turnbull 😉

Debbie Lee, I just thought this was funny.

I Love Wine too...

Carrie Hansen Webbenhurst

Cynthia Escarpita Allyn


I miss my wine!!! Only 4 more months and I can have a glass, but I know my little guy will be totally worth it 🙂

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5 days ago

The Cork District

Visit Spokane’s Cork District and explore 22 great tasting rooms! See MoreSee Less

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District News

Arbor crest Opens additional tasting room at historic davenport!

Hand Crafted Wines and woodworking! Craftsman Cellars.

Located in Kendall Yards, Craftsman Cellars offers bold reds and incredible woodworking.  The winemaker, Greg Shelman,  is also a master craftsman and had done all the work working the the tasting toom along with making great wines.  Stop in!


Explore the District This Winter