Renegade by MonteScarlatto

About Us!

In 2007, MonteScarlatto Estate Winery was founded on the belief that wine is a food group. Abandoning traditional career and lifestyle, founder, Joel Mackey set out on a blazing trail to reinvent his norm.

A RENEGADE was born.

Every aspect of the grape growing, wine making, and bottling business now courses through his veins. Intentionally and without apology. Living life on his terms.

Just as grapes need heat to ripen them, we need trials, triumph and experience to refine us.

Renegade by MonteScarlatto celebrates that refinement process with you.

Downtown Spokane Tasting Room

Renegade by MonteScarlatto is truly an experience.

Renegade betrays the norm of sports

bars and tasting rooms and boldly crosses the

divide to bring you what you genuinely desire: fine food, curated local beer, and our very own

100% Estate grown handcrafted Wines.

Nowhere else in the Spokane area can you

enjoy the highest quality of Wine while watching

your favorite sporting event.